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Take a look at this amazing piece of art.

JRD Tata Gift
Now you might think that I am crazy calling this an amazing piece of art.

Ok, let me tell you about the picture. Its taken from the Tata Museum in Jamshedpur, India. It is a painting that was gifted to the steel tycoon JRD Tata on his birthday by a street artist. Just as you no one could really make out what the painting was about.

The painting was given to JRD personally and the artist had promised to reveal the secret shortly. However, JRD passed away before the secret was revealed.

Now Whats the Secret ?

When placed a steel rod at the circle in the first picture you saw, you will see the image of the JRD Tata as a reflection on the steel rod as seen in the second picture below.

JRD Tata Gift
JRD Tata Gift

Isn't it incredible!!


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